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2018 July 26, a Thursday, 15:50 KPTT July 26th Issue

Published Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: Karen's Hasher Updated, Thought Experiment Correction

2018 July 26, a Thursday, 15:50 KPTT Karen's Hasher

New version 2.3.1 posted: Bug fixes.

2018 June 27, a Wednesday, 13:12 KPTT June 27th Issue

Published a new issue of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter, topic is New Power Tool: Karen's Traceroute

2018 June 26, an Election Day, 23:59 KPTT Karen's Traceroute

Added the new Power Tool, Karen's Traceroute v0.1.0, available for download.

Probe the inner guts of the circuit between you and Internet destination hosts of your choosing. Traceroute works by sending ping packets with ever increasing hop count limits in order to elicit ICMP error respondes from the routers along the way.

2018 June 26, an Election Day, 10:56 KPTT Everywhere

Removed APC user caching functionality from KarenWarePage class. This only saved 5-10ms per call, and while every millisecond counts, purging the cache didn't always clear the cache for the PHP process or thread I wanted, so I found this to be confusing in development.

Combined all JavaScript files into thankyou-1.js. Loading one file instead of five saves more than 5-10ms per page call.

2018 June 24, a Sunday, 17:23 KPTT APCU Caching Added APC user caching functionality to KarenWarePage class. This only saves 5-10ms per call, and while every millisecond counts, I hope this doesn't cause problems. Obeys the "Pragma: no-cache" header. Adds a comment, <!--APCU--> immediately following the <head> element in the page if the page was served from the cache.
2018 June 24, a Sunday, 15:03 KPTT Site Licenses This morning, the rest of the site was converted to the new design.  During testing, I noticed the site license agreement didn't specifically state how many seats were licensed. Fixed that, too.

Item #SL : Karen's Power Tools Site License
Licenses : 42 Seats

2018 June 22, a Friday, 22:22 KPTT Newsletters All newsletters imported into database, now rendered with new design.
2018 June 18, a Monday, 20:25 KPTT Everywhere Updated website design.

Achieved 50 years of age, today.  Dad said, "Well, now you're mature."  We both laughed.
2018 June 9, a Saturday, 13:53 KPTT Purchase Added detailed confirmation dialog before loading PayPal's JavaScript API.
2018 June 9, a Saturday, 13:35 KPTT Donate Added detailed confirmation dialog before navigating away to PayPal's website.
2018 June 9, a Saturday, 11:59 KPTT Privacy Updated Privacy Policy to better describe what's up, Google, and PayPal usages.
2018 June 9, a Saturday, 08:43 KPTT Compatibility Added notations for Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016.
2018 June 9, a Saturday, 08:32 KPTT Search Formatting fixes completed in preparation for new site design.
2018 May 16, a Wednesday, 09:13 KPTT Contact Us Removed Facebook mentions from the site because I'm not allowed to log into the monster unless I upload a picture of my face.  They said they wouldn't even display the image to anyone, but that they needed to know what I look like so they can secure my account.  That statement was so absurd that I sent them a picture of George Washington and decided not to use their service for anything.

Since I won't be responding to any queries posted there, if you have trouble, please visit
2018 Feb 13, a Tuesday, 13:14 KPTT Home Page Added Related Sites, including our Support Helpdesk, User Forum, Blog, and Development tracking sites. Also, a mention of the Sendy application URL because of some confusion when people see links in Newsletter emails.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 17:17 KPTT Recently Updated Published this here Recently Updated and Whatnot page.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 16:14 KPTT Contact Us Added Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, and my email address.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 15:59 KPTT Site License Calculator Added my email address and phone number to results page in case you have questions about site licensing.
2018 Jan 8, a Monday, 03:53 KPTT Subscribe Now Added ability to subscribe to new issues of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter.
2017 Dec 23, a Saturday, 23:17 KPTT Karen's Replicator Noted that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the solution to problems created in April by the first Creators Update.