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End July Now Sale$10 off licenses until August 1st
Dear Karen's Fans: Thank youThanks again.
June hosting bill paid, will not be off the air soon.
Farewell Joe will be off the air soon.
February 25th NewsletterHere's Some Good News: Big Green Button, Half Price Sale until March 1st
Payment Factors Added based on $7.25/hr minimum wageI did some math to help people in other countries estimate the local value of our license fee to make alternate donation amounts easier to figure.
Fixed the Donate pageI'd broken the donation page with the DuckDuckGo search thing. Doh!
Positive Website Attitude, No CootiesExpect many changes to this website, in leaps and bounds, mostly positive, as if it were a 14 year old suddenly interested in the school dance, cooties be danged.
Site Search Now DuckDuckGo.comThe site search box in the menu bar above is now posted to privacy-first search provider instead of Google.
Licenses on Sale for 2 DaysSpecial use for work licensing prices on Sunday and Monday, the last two days of January.
September 2021 Newsletter!Here is at least proof of life.
Shutdown helpdesk.There were hundreds of tickets opened up this last year and thousands of direct emails. Your request will not be individually responded to, I'm sorry, I can't (I won't) do it. I'm working on a public forum thing. Sorry, I cannot change Karen's license to open source. So, I'm going to rewrite Replicator under another name, maybe. I dislike all Macintosh and iOS cloud backup everything. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon. Newsletter soon.
June 2nd NewsletterDirectory Printer v5.4.4 Adds Unicode Characters Support; Replicator v3.7.6 Eradicates Bug that caused Error 3
Karen's Directory Printer v5.4.4 ReleasedNew version 5.4.4 posted: See page for what's new.
Karen's Replicator v3.7.6 ReleasedFixed logic error in ApiFolderExists(): On some machines reports a missing folder as exists, so the destination folder isn't created. Literally: Error 3 - The system cannot find the path specified
November 3rd NewsletterGodMode! Explorer's Quick Change Buttons! Replicator v3.7.5 Released!
Karen's Replicator v3.7.5 ReleasedSee the Changes section on its page to find out what's new!
Karen's Replicator YouTube VideosPosted links to instructive YouTube videos made by Replicator users.
September 6th NewsletterWindows 10 May 2019 Update v1903 · Clipboard History · Emoji, Kaomoji, and Symbols
April 22nd NewsletterWindows-Key Searching · Disabling Web Search · Karen's Directory Printer v5.4.3 Released
Karen's Directory Printer v5.4.3 ReleasedNew version 5.4.3 posted: See page for what's new.
Source Code download for Directory Printer v5.4.2Source code installer available for download.
Source Code download for Replicator v3.7.4Source code installer available for download.
February 18th NewsletterValentine's Day-Industrial Complex · Shift Right-Click · Replicator Updated · Text-Only Newsletters
Karen's Replicator v3.7.4 ReleasedNew version 3.7.4 posted: Replicator no longer cycled behind other windows after using Browse... to select a source or destination folder.
EverywhereAlso showing count of minor updates in the Recently box in the right margin (i.e. "Also, there were 6 minor updates").
EverywhereAdded security-oriented HTTP headers as suggested by
Open SourceAdded html2text PHP library to convert HTML to formatted plain text Michael Tibben (@mtibben) (used for converting newsletters to plaintext alternative during email sending).
EverywhereAdded right column sidebar to every page.
Open SourceAdded timeago JQuery JavaScript plugin by Ryan McGeary (@rmm5t) (replaces dates with how long ago).
Recently UpdatedRecent changes table stored in generic data rather then rendered into HTML so these can more easily be used elsewhere. Also added timeago JQuery JavaScript plugin by Ryan McGeary (@rmm5t) (replaces dates with how long ago).
January 16th NewsletterPublished Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: Font Explorer Updated · Replicator Performance Boosted · Unicode for Directory Printer · Thank you, Earthlings.
Karen's Replicator v3.7.3 ReleasedNew version 3.7.3 posted: Installer improvements, removed some keystrokes rarely used.
Karen's Replicator v3.7.2 ReleasedNew version 3.7.2 posted: Huge performance increases and mo-better progress indication!
Karen's Font Explorer v2.2 ReleasedNew version 2.2 posted!
December 8th NewsletterPublished Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: WhoIs Whom? Karen's WhoIs v2.7 Released. Karen's Replicator v3.7.1 Released.
Karen's ReplicatorNew version 3.7.1 posted: Yay!
Karen's WhoIsNew version 2.7 posted: More awesomeness!
November 16th IssuePublished Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: What is Karen's Replicator? Karen's Directory Printer v5.4.2 Released
Karen's Directory PrinterNew version 5.4.2 posted: More accessible for those using keyboard or depending on screen text-to-speech readers.
Karen's Directory PrinterNew version 5.4.1 posted: Bug fixes.
Karen's Directory PrinterNew version 5.4 posted: Enhancements and bug fixes.  Sweet.
October 4th IssuePublished Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: Karen's Replicator v3.7 Released, Replicator Workboard
Karen's ReplicatorNew version 3.7 posted: Bug fixes.
July 26th IssuePublished Karen's Power Tools Newsletter: Karen's Hasher Updated, Thought Experiment Correction
Karen's HasherNew version 2.3.1 posted: Bug fixes.
June 27th IssuePublished a new issue of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter, topic is New Power Tool: Karen's Traceroute
Karen's TracerouteAdded the new Power Tool, Karen's Traceroute v0.1.0, available for download. Probe the inner guts of the circuit between you and Internet destination hosts of your choosing. Traceroute works by sending ping packets with ever increasing hop count limits in order to elicit ICMP error responds from the routers along the way.
EverywhereRemoved APC user caching functionality from KarenWarePage class. This only saved 5-10ms per call, and while every millisecond counts, purging the cache didn't always clear the cache for the PHP process or thread I wanted, so I found this to be confusing in development. Combined all JavaScript files into thankyou-1.js. Loading one file instead of five saves more than 5-10ms per page call.
EverywhereAdded APC user caching functionality to KarenWarePage class. This only saves 5-10ms per call, and while every millisecond counts, I hope this doesn't cause problems. Obeys the "Pragma: no-cache" header. Adds a comment, <!--APCU--> immediately following the <head> element in the page if the page was served from the cache.
Site LicensesThis morning, the rest of the site was converted to the new design.  During testing, I noticed the site license agreement didn't specifically state how many seats were licensed. Fixed that, too.
NewslettersAll newsletters imported into database, now rendered with new design.
EverywhereUpdated website design from Karen Classic to Generic Bootstrap.
PurchasePrivacy Protection: Added detailed confirmation dialog before loading PayPal's JavaScript API so PayPal isn't tracking all our website visitors.
DonatePrivacy Protection: Added detailed confirmation dialog before loading PayPal's JavaScript API so PayPal isn't tracking all our website visitors.
PrivacyUpdated Privacy Policy to better describe what's up, Google, and PayPal usages.
CompatibilityAdded notations for Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016.
SearchFormatting fixes completed in preparation for new site design.
Contact UsRemoved Facebook mentions from the site because I'm not allowed to log into the monster unless I upload a picture of my face.  They said they wouldn't even display the image to anyone, but that they needed to know what I look like so they can secure my account.  That statement was so absurd that I sent them a picture of George Washington and decided not to use their service for anything. Since I won't be responding to any queries posted there, if you have trouble, please visit
Home Page (default page)Added Related Sites, including our Support Helpdesk, User Forum (removed later), Blog, and Development tracking sites. Also, a mention of the Sendy application URL because of some confusion when people see links in Newsletter emails (Sendy no longer in use).
Recently UpdatedPublished this here Recently Updated and Whatnot page.
Contact UsAdded Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, and my email address.
Site License CalculatorAdded my email address and phone number to results page in case you have questions about site licensing.
Subscribe NowAdded ability to subscribe to new issues of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter.
Karen's ReplicatorNoted that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the solution to problems created in April by the first Creators Update.
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