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2018 May 16, a Wednesday, 09:13 KPTT Contact Us Removed Facebook mentions from the site because I'm not allowed to log into the monster unless I upload a picture of my face.  They said they wouldn't even display the image to anyone, but that they needed to know what I look like so they can secure my account.  That statement was so absurd that I sent them a picture of George Washington and decided not to use their service for anything.

Since I won't be responding to any queries posted there, if you have trouble, please visit https://helpdesk.karenware.com/kb/.
2018 Feb 13, a Tuesday, 13:14 KPTT Home Page Added Related Sites, including our Support Helpdesk, User Forum, Blog, and Development tracking sites. Also, a mention of the Sendy application URL because of some confusion when people see sendy.karenware.com links in Newsletter emails.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 17:17 KPTT Recently Updated Published this here Recently Updated and Whatnot page.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 16:14 KPTT Contact Us Added Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, and my email address.
2018 Jan 19, a Friday, 15:59 KPTT Site License Calculator Added my email address and phone number to results page in case you have questions about site licensing.
2018 Jan 8, a Monday, 03:53 KPTT Subscribe Now Added ability to subscribe to new issues of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter.
2017 Dec 23, a Saturday, 23:17 KPTT Karen's Replicator Noted that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the solution to problems created in April by the first Creators Update.