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A lot of people have written and expressed sadness over the passing of It's true, the site is closing, and all but a handful of employees have been laid off. While I was never an employee of or its predecessor (Windows Magazine), I did contribute to both publications continuously for nine years. It was a big part of my life, and I miss it. Apparently many of you do too.

Not being an insider, it's hard to say exactly why closed its doors. My best guess is that it was the victim of too many acquisitions.

At one time Windows Magazine was the star of a small collection of privately owned magazines. When its owners decided to sell to a larger publishing firm, the new owners never seemed to value Windows Magazine as much. Later, when that firm was acquired by an even larger publisher, even, the magazine's online edition, seemed to be overlooked by its new owners. Eventually, someone decided to consolidate several "smaller" web sites and publications, and was no more.

Whatever the reasons for's demise, there appears to be no chance of a reprieve. Fortunately, when I started writing the Power Tools newsletter for, part of my agreement allows me to continue writing the newsletter in the case no longer wishes to be its publisher. So despite's closing, the Power Tools newsletter lives on!

The full collection of Power Tools programs is available for download too. And you can add your name to the Power Tools newsletter subscriber list.

Until then, if you see me here or elsewhere on the 'net, be sure to wave and say "Hi!"

What Ever Happened to . . . ?
Here's where some of the crew washed ashore when the ship went down ...

Fred Langa continued his Langa List newsletter for several years.  Eventually, he merged that publication with the Windows Secrets newsletter founded by Brian Livingston,

On June 16, 2018, Fred mentioned us in an article on his newer website:

Free templates automate your backup/copying/syncing tasks
Plus: What happened to Karen’s PowerTools?
Mike Elgan publishes his Mike's List Newsletter— a not-always-serious look at the hi-tech industry.
Scot Finnie has launched a new newsletter, called Scot Newsletter Blog to replace his now discontinued Winmag newsletters. Check out his site for details, and how to subscribe:
  Jason Levine developed some Windows applets which posted on his web site “Jason's Toolbox” site. The site now has other projects Jason has worked on, including his new interest in photography.
Dave Methvin continues his PC Pit Stop service at his own website.
John Woram continues his site with the latest information about Windows Registry. You can also order his enormously popular book The Windows 98 Registry -- A Survival Guide For Users.
Serdar Yegulalp is working on his own projects, and you can check up on him at his website:
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