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  • All of Karen's Power Tools utilities, including Visual Basic source code.
  • Two Bonus programs (Match Maker and SendTo Clipboard) not available anywhere else.
  • Automatic Web Update of all your Power Tools!
  • License to use the Power Tools at work.
  • Special installer that makes setup of Power Tools a snap.
  • Complete text of every Karen's Power Tools newsletter, plus bonus reprints of some earlier articles originally written for Windows Magazine, describing the origins of her Power Tools.
That's more than 30 programs, and over 100 articles and newsletters!

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Automatic Web Update will deliver each fixed Power Tool as they are cleared by testing.

$25 USD

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If you purchased a CD or site license from Karen,
then you do not need to purchase another to get these updates, but we sure do appreciate the thought. Please email if you'd like help downloading a new image. Important to find your license: Identifying information like the email address you were using at the time of your purchase, or your mailing address, etc.


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