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You make this dance possible.


Your license document will arrive by email.

Quantity discounted Site Licenses are available if you need more than one.

Our programs are licensed for free for personal and educational use.

Please pay for a license if you're a paid consultant,
or using one or all of the tools on the job, in your network, etc.

There are also other ways to help us out, listed on Donate page.

Did you know?
$7.25 per hour is the minimum wage employers are allowed to pay workers here in Oklahoma, one of the United States of America.

Therefore our license fee of $25 represents:

  • 3.45 hours @ $7.25/hr minimum labor wage
  • 1.67 hours @ $15.00/hr minimum at Amazon fulfillment warehouse
  • 0.60 hours @ $42.00/hr Information Technology consulting, printer jams fixers, installing backup software, removing viruses
  • 0.37 hours @ $68.00/hr Professional Civil Engineering
  • 0.17 hours @ $150.00/hr Corporate Word Blender or Lawyer or Registered Architect
  • 0.08 visits @ $300.00 to see a Medical Doctor for 15 minutes

If you live in a country where our license fee is too great, please donate based on the above.

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You make this dance possible.

License for Work $25

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