Karen's Power Tools just $18.70 USD November 23rd
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Karen's Power Tools normally $25
On Sale Today $18.70 USD

Tomorrow's sale price will be $18.80

On November 1st, the sale price was $15.00, a 40% discount. The discount is a little less every day. The sale will end when the new CD is released. The price will return to $25 for the new release regardless of the previous day's discount. If you license today, you'll be able to download the new CD for no additional charge, because license holders get free updates.

Get Licensed, Be Happier, Feel Healthier
(help the secluded workshop and data center)

  • All of Karen's Power Tools utilities, including Visual Basic source code.
  • Two Bonus programs (Match Maker and SendTo Clipboard) not available anywhere else.
  • Automatic Web Update of all your Power Tools!
  • License to use the Power Tools at work.
  • Special installer that makes setup of Power Tools a snap.
  • Complete text of every Karen's Power Tools newsletter, plus bonus reprints of some earlier articles originally written for Windows Magazine, describing the origins of her Power Tools.
That's more than 30 programs, and over 100 articles and newsletters!

Karen's Power Tools CD
Download License

Download March 17, 2010 CD Image Today
(new images when released)

Automatic Web Update will deliver each fixed Power Tool as they are cleared by testing. A new CD release will be mastered in the last weeks of December, 2017, and the image made available for download.

$18.70 USD
Going up to $18.80 in less than 1,039 minutes

Be a License Holder, Hold a License Today

Not available yet, the Power Tools updated for Windows 10 will be released to Licensees before the end of 2017 via the Web Update tool on the CD. Brave licensees may also beta test the new software earlier (terms and conditions, mileage may vary).

If you purchased a CD or site license from Karen,
then you do not need to purchase another to get these updates, but we sure do appreciate the thought.

For $6 more, we'll send a CD.

$24.70 USD

Includes Download License, Physical CD, and Postage
— USPS First Class, Air Mail to most countries

Karen mastered this CD herself on March 17th, 2010 — the 2017 disc has not been released, yet.

If you're already a Karen's Power Tools customer, or become one today by going with option 1 (above), you can have the new CD sent to you later this year for $6.