February 18, 2019

By Joe Winett


February 14th is behind us.

It was touch-and-go there for a while, but I've survived another Singleness Awareness Day without a scratch on me.

Artwork: KHear 2018 by Joe WinettClick for Image

When you were in elementary school, did your classroom celebrate Valentine's Day?  In mine, we were to make a mailbox for ourselves and bring it in for the big day.  My 5th grade mailbox was a robot head made out of cardboard — its mouth was the mail slot.

We could make valentine messages, or mom could buy little cards.  Sometimes people stuck little candy hearts on them, or heart shaped lollipops.

It's a conspiracy.

Obviously the greeting card companies had partnered with our local government school board in a plot to train 11-year-olds to observe their made up holiday.  Oh, you think it's all free market here in the United States, but NOOOOO, on Valentine's Day it's all about the indoctrination, baby.

Valentine's Day-Industrial Complex targets adults, too.

When is 9 months after February 14?  Doh!!!  My daughter was born in November.  They got me!!!

Wait, her mother was also born in November.  They got her dad, too!!

In his 1961 farewell speech, President Eisenhower warned about unwarranted influence by the military-industrial complex: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Eisenhower's_farewell_address

Shift Right-Click

Shift Right-Click screenshotClick for Image

Did you know that in Windows File Explorer when you hold down the SHIFT key while RIGHT-CLICKing on a file, the context menu for the file might have extra options added to it?

One such extra option is "Copy as path" which will copy the full drive, directory, file pathname for a particular file into the clipboard as a string of text.

As shown in the screenshot image, I've brought up the special context menu on the file, HelloWorld.txt.  When I select "Copy as path," the text "C:\Users\Joe\Documents\HelloWorld.txt" is copied to the clipboard.  Then I can paste it into wherever I need it.

I've verified that this works in Windows Vista, 7, and 10 (it does not appear to work on Windows XP).

Replicator Updated

This release includes a small fix to be sure that Replicator's window remains on top and in focus after setting Source and Destination folders using the Browse...  button.  In the past, some other open window would be promoted to the top by accident.

Karen's Replicator the Backup Utility for Windows v3.7.4 Released February 18, 2019 is available for download on our website from:

In other news, I'm still working on the rewrite of Karen's Directory Printer for the .NET framework.  Among other improvements, the new version will be able to do Print Preview, a much-requested feature. 

Text-Only Newsletters

If you're reading this month's newsletter in a text-only mail client, you are probably relieved that every sentence isn't jumbled up into one super-long paragraph.

I've fixed the HTML-to-text conversion and am now actually verifying its work before sending emails out.

Don't forget to wave and say, "Hi!"


I apologize for being behind responding to replies to these newsletters.  I do read all of them eventually, but sometimes it takes more than a month for me to catch up.

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