December 8, 2018

By Joe Winett


Santa sighted!

Today, I'm Santa's helper's helper, helping Santa's helper with the technology of the photography in her studio.  I wrangled the laptop and set up the extra monitor.  I got to meet Santa.

We're hoping people show up to capture some magic, but on Monday of this week, weather service forecasted a winter storm that was to start yesterday.  By Wednesday, the traditional, "Oh no, it might snow!" run on the grocery stores was in full swing.

It's a little rainy today, but not a travel advisory situation.  We've been open three and a half hours now for magic and already photographed one child!  She's Stephanie's granddaughter, sure, so we're counting her twice because she's two (2) years old now!

When we did this two weeks ago, we'd already photographed 30 children by now.  I fear the folks might be staying home because they planned on being snowed in, and snow or not, the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches aren't going eat themselves.

Pro Tip: Dip sandwich into soup before each bite. If the last bite of sandwich soaks up the last drop of soup, then you win.

WhoIs whom?

WhoIs, pronounced as "who is," is a protocol for querying databases over the Internet.  On a Linux system, you can type the command whois to return the registration information for our domain name.  Similarly, you search for an IP address like whois to find out to whom it's been allocated (in this case, Google).

Karen wrote WhoIs because Windows doesn't come with a whois command.  In these past issues of her newsletter, Karen did a great job of explaining the utility and its uses:

Karen's WhoIs v2.7 Released

This week, Karen's WhoIs was updated so that it does a better job of searching through each response for references to secondary whois servers to query about domain names.  Plus, I added that same recursive searching feature to IP address lookups.

Since Karen's WhoIs can now do a better job of asking primary servers where to look next, the seeding databases sent with the utility (which are always out of date) are not critical to the operation of the utility.  This is great news because I was going to have to rebuild the IP address whois server list by hand because Karen's original source for the database at MIT is no longer working.  It was more fun to add the secondary server searching thing to the IP side of Karen's WhoIs than to write a parser for the servers tables I can download today, so I did that.  My laziness has paid off! 

Karen's WhoIs v2.7 is available for download on our website from:

Karen's Replicator v3.7.1 Released

In last month's newsletter I wrote about Karen's Replicator file backup utility for Windows and about the excitement generated in what was then the last month's newsletter when I wrote about it being updated.  To sum up, I said there was, "much excitement [generated] when I announced that," and I still stand by my words.  However, those words are now outdated because Replicator has been updated again and there's been much more excitement being generated right now!

Updates to Replicator include the ability to configure the application to minimize the window instead of closing it (optionally to the system tray), and keeping Replicator from interrupting a system shutdown, logoff, or reboot by preventing the warning dialog from popping up even if it's configured to do so.  The warning dialog box says something like, "If you exit Replicator, then Replicator cannot run your jobs," but if you're shutting down the machine then said inability is probably self-evident.

Karen's Replicator File Backup Utility v3.7.1 is available for download on our website from:

Thank you!

As Karen always wrote: Don't forget to wave and say, "Hi!"


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