December 5, 2022

By Joe Winett


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How about that Webb Space Telescope?

This newsletter isn't about me.

I feel like I've been selling vaporware all this time, however I don't have any answers, yet.

So, why am I writing?  The electric bill.

I had to leave Amazon Web Services because it was too expensive to use.  Have switched to a $7/mo plan at and that bill has already been paid this month thanks to a kind donation to the site.  Thank you!

YouTube Channel

Did you see the "September Update" series of videos created on our YouTube Channel?  Maybe not because I didn't tell you about them, yet.

There was tedious rewrite process of the mailer for this newsletter.  While I was putting that off, I tried MailMan3, and several other list server softwares and decided to get back and finish the tedious part.  Just finished that today, and it seems to work. Yeh!

You can find the video go-along for these newsletters in the following YouTube playlist, which begins with September 2022, Episode 1:

September Update Episode 1 Xero Chooses Logo?

Kindle Edition

I've been laying out Karen's Newsletter into a book.

The purpose of the book is to generate money for Karen's family.

I figure it would be best to release the book into the electronic reader ecosystem first, so corrections can be made easily before printing.  I'll send around a link to the book when there's a download for it.  I don't have a Kindle, so I'm not completely familiar with how the books get into the thing without involving Amazon.  haha

Are you interested in publishing?  Laying out books for Kindle could be a topic here, although it seems a bit off topic, again.

Karen's computer consulting business was called Teddy Bear Computers and for that she registered the domain name back when the internet was young.  She held on to it as a nestegg for her retirement. is for sale by Terry and Michelle.

I've been trying to attract attention to the domain by posting crazy videos around town.  There's a playlist of those videos available to see there if you care to visit.


These last two months have been challenging, but like I wrote, this isn't about me.

You can find out what's up with me if you like by visiting one of the places I post stuff.  The list of places is here:


The site has been updated to display the total number of downloads next to the total revenue collected for this month.  At the time I'm sending this at 5pm on December 5th there have already been 181 downloads.  We have collected $9.22 this month, $151 in November, $133 in October.  If you'd like to help, please purchase licenses or visit our donation page.  Thanks. 

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November 1st, 2023:

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