February 25, 2022

By Joe Winett


Here is some good news!

I sent this short newsletter last week to 30,116 subscribers and only a few hundred unsubscribed manually, or clicked their spam complaint button, or were undeliverable so were removed automatically.

Big Green Button

Thank you to the hundreds of you who confirmed, by reply email that morning, before lunch, and to the many dozens whom continue to do so daily since.

One helpful respondent had looked for a big, green button to click.  He said attaching his own to the email wasn't quite as convenient, but was happy to help:

big green button

It was also suggested that our website's Make a Donation page would be more convenient if that page's button had not been broken by me just before sending out all those emails.


Thanks again.

Social Networking

There are now buttons on our site leading to social networking, i.e., our YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and Facebook page, respectively:

youtube button twitter button twitter button

You could help us by simply by praying, but also by Subscribing, Following, and Liking our social media.

I could help you by posting educational videos to YouTube, keeping it short on the Twitter, and not creeping around your Meta on the Facebook.

Enjoy.  Your mileage may vary.  Some creeping closer than they appear.

Half Price Sale

You read that correctly, sale on license fees will run through the last day of February, 2022.

Get your Use for Work license for just $12.50 USD now — get yours before March dawns.

Compare our $12.50 license to:

  • 1.72 hours @ $7.25/hr minimum wage labor in the Great State of Oklahoma
  • 0.83 hours @ $15.00/hr at Amazon in Norman, Oklahoma racing robots for Prime honor
  • 0.30 hours @ $42.00/hr for certified Information Technology printer jams fixers in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 0.18 hours @ $68.00/hr for Professional Civil Engineering in Bristow, Oklahoma
  • 0.08 hours @ $150.00/hr to do word blending by a Lawyer of the Oklahoma Bar Association
  • 0.04 visits @ $300.00 to a licensed Medical Doctor's office in Edmund, Oklahoma for 15 minutes

If you live in a country where our license fee is too great, please donate some lesser amount based on economic conditions where you are and the above table.  You won't receive a license document by email, but we're on the honor system anyway.

Love to wave, say hi, and thank the power that Is for you and me,

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