Zone Manager v1.4.3

** Updated March 18, 2010

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Take control of Windows' Time Zones! Now you can create a desktop shortcut to any time zone, allowing you to switch between zones with just the double-click of your mouse. You can even create your own custom time zones, enabling or disabling settings such as Daylight Saving Time.

When you change zones, your computer's clock is adjusted automatically. Or, at any time, the Zone Manager can synchronize your computer's clock to one of the ultra-precise Internet Time Servers!

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Download Karen's Zone ManagerSHA-1
Download and run to install Zone Manager 1,488,496 bytes
Download VB6 Source CodeSHA-1
Programmers only 201,272 bytes
Download Visual Basic Runtime v6.0SHA-1
Note: Karen's Zone Manager's installer will automatically download and run the Visual Basic Runtime installer, if necessary. 1 MB

Enhancements/Bugs Fixed

  • Version 1.4.3: Limited the names of custom time zones to 16 characters or less to work around a limitation of some (all?) versions of Windows.
  • Version 1.4.2: Fixed bug in Edit Zone window that sometimes prevented program from correctly displaying original zone information when editing an existing custom zone.
  • Version 1.4.1: Made change to the program's "manifest" to cause the program to run as Administrator under Windows Vista and later.
  • Version 1.4: Made several changes to make program work better with Windows Vista. These include changes to location where settings are stored, and an HTML-format help file.
  • Version 1.2: Now, when you resize one of the program's windows, the sizes of its buttons, graphics, text, etc. shrink or grow too.
  • Version 1.1: Removed unnecessary reference to Trace.bas source file. Slightly sped up connection to remote time servers (by perhaps 5-10 milliseconds) by resolving the name to an IP address first.
  • Version 1.0: This is the first release
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