Power Toy Script Gallery

Welcome to the Power Toy Script Gallery! Here you'll find Power Toy Scripts created by readers of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter. Download any or all, for inspiration, or just for fun!

Note: You should use Karen's Power Toy version 2.6 (or higher) to replay these scripts. Older versions may not replay actions correctly, if script was created for non-Microsoft characters (Peedy, Genie, Robby and Merlin).

Submit your own Power Toy Scripts to the gallery! Send the .toy file as an attachment to toys@karenware.com. Please include your script's description and comments in the e-mail message's body.

Download 'Night Before Christmas' Title: Hi Kids!
Author: J. Scott Lind
Character: Peedy, Robby, Merlin
Description: "It really had my kids thinking that the computer was talking to them. I did use your alarm clock to set it off when I knew they would be watching Saturday morning´┐Żcartoons. It sure gave my wife and I a good laugh."
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Night Before Christmas' Title: Merlin reads a "letter from Santa Clause."
Author: Jerry S.
Character: Merlin
Description: "Hope you find it amusing. It has a Christmas theme. I put it together this morning from one of the Christmas emails that is making the rounds. Merlin reads a 'letter from Santa Clause.'"
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Night Before Christmas' Title: Night Before Christmas
Author: Neil Crosby
Character: Peedy
Description: Cute reading of the classic poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"! According to Neil, "My Grandkids listen all the way through and then want to play it again."
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Robby Scale' Title: Robby Scale
Author: Karen Kenworthy
Character: Robby
Description: Robby the Robot sings three octaves of the musical scales. Modify this script to create your own singing agents!
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Party' Title: Party!
Author: Redge Innes
Characters: Peedy, Genie, Robby, Merlin
Description: Welcome's several party-goers by name. Several cute gestures. Shows how to move characters across screen, use multiple characters.
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Whisper' Title: Whisper
Author: Redge Innes
Character: Peedy, Robby
Description: Demonstrates the use of the \Chr="Whisper"\ speech tag, to cause the character to whisper.
Comments: Free (no restrictions)

Download 'Heater (Toy Script)'
Download 'Heater (Accompanying Program)'
Title: Heater (Toy Script)
Heater (Accompanying Program)
Author: Marty
Character: Peedy
Description: This gallery entry includes two files:
  • A short Toy Script, heater.toy, that reminds you to turn off your room's heater.
  • A small program, heater.vbs, that plays a short toy script then shuts down Windows.
Comments: Free (no restrictions)
Note:The Power Toy Script (heat.toy) is quite simple. But the accompanying program, heater.vbs, must be modified before use. As a result, this gallery entry is only recommended for more advanced users.
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