March 12, 2018

By Joe Winett


I'm proud to be publishing this issue of Karen's Power Tools Newsletter today. I'd rather be reading Karen's words than writing my own, so while this is a great honor for me, it's a bittersweet one.

Where is Karen?

Karen is in heaven, probably learning to master the Python programming language. I know she's living it up on high, but I'm guessing about her itinerary. Instead of Python, Karen might be studying the Go programming language, or Haskell, maybe even F#.  Or, she might be hanging out by the pool, taking a nap, or brainstorming with Einstein.

Whatever Karen Kenworthy is up to right now, I know she's enjoying a fantastic eternity.

Who is Joe?

I'm Joe, a.k.a. @abighairyspider, your humble newsletter author.  I'm a computer programmer and artist.  I used to run an Internet service provider business in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Karen called me one day to become a customer, but we ended up being friends.  Today, Karen and I are family.

I carefully prepared this YouTube video to introduce myself, tell the story of how I met Karen, and to talk about what's been up with since she departed:

Karen's Power Tools Newsletter Go-Along for March 12, 2018

When will that CD drop?

Do the kids still talk about CDs dropping, i.e. shipping?

As soon as I can put a digital signature on the installation programs, new software will be released to CD and Site License customers.  I'm hoping this newsletter inspires you to license or donate, generating enough to pay the certificate authority's trust verification fee for this first year.

Buying a CD (or licensing a CD download) is the easiest way to support the web site, Karen's Power Tools, and this newsletter. To find out more, visit:

How to Verify Downloads

Each of Karen's Power Tools' installation program files is digitally signed. Windows will show the verified publisher is

If you download one of the tools from another website, it's possible they are not distributing original installers – in which case Windows might warn that the publisher could not be verified, or it might show a different verified publisher name.

If you don't see is the verified publisher, then do not install the software.

Overnight, I hastily prepared this video demonstration of verifying that your installer is from  In it, I also discuss the SHA-1 hash signatures and how you can use Karen's Hasher to calculate the hash for the files you download:

Verifying Downloads using Karen's Hasher

Thank you!

Dear God, please continue to bless everything and everybody.  I pray for guidance, creativity, and a generous, helpful spirit.

Dear Friends of Karen Kenworthy, tonight please gaze toward the heavens and think of her. She's up there, so wave and shout, "Hi!"


Buying a CD (or licensing a CD download) is the easiest way to support the web site, Karen's Power Tools, and this newsletter. To find out more, visit:

About Windows 10: The problems caused in April by the Creators Update v1703 were fixed by Microsoft in November's Fall Creators Update v1709.  Click here for some information on how to figure out which version of Windows 10 you're running.

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