Troubleshooting: Problems with Installation, Windows 10 Compatibility

Troubleshooting Tips

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Windows 10 problems

Installation problems

  • "Cannot CreateProcess()"
    "Out-of-date DLL"
    "Missing DLL"

    These messages often indicate that the required Visual Basic Runtime hasn't been installed before installing the Power Tool. To fix this, downloaded and install the appropriate Visual Basic runtime (usually Visual Basic Runtime v6.0), then try to install the Power Tool again.

  • "System Files Are Out-Of-Date"
    This message indicates that one or more Windows files on your hard disk are older than the ones included with the Power Tool. Normally, clicking the message's button authorizing the updating of the file will fix the problem. However, on some systems, the update may fail causing this message to appear repeatedly, each time you attempt to install a Power Tool program.

    This can have several causes:

    1. A program or script that deletes files in Windows' Temp folder each time Windows shuts down or boots -- to update files in use, the setup program stores copies of the udpated file in Windows' Temp folder and attempts to copy them to their proper location the next time Windows boots. If these files are deleted before they can be copied, you'll see the out-of-date error message during every installation attempt.
    2. Windows' Temp folder is not on the same drive as Windows itself -- for some reason, the updating of system files requires that the temporary folder be on the same drive as Windows.
    3. For more information about this problem, check out this page on Microsoft's Support web site: PRB: Multiple "System Files Are Out of Date" Errors

  • "setup.exe is not a valid Win 32 application"
    This usually indicates the setup file/program was corrupted or truncated during the download. You can check the file's integrity a couple of ways. Both start by right-clicking the file's icon, then selecting Properties from the context menu that appears. When the file's Properties dialog is displayed:

    1. Compare the size of the file displayed in the Properties dialog to the size of the file reported in the program's home page on my web site. If the two sizes don't match, your download failed.

    2. Look for a tab labeled "Digital Signatures" on the Properties dialog. If the tab is missing, or the information displayed when you click the tab indicates the signature is invalid, the download failed.

    In either case, the solution is the same -- re-download the file.

    Note: Occasionally, one failed download trigger another. That's because some ISPs cache large files, providing copies from their cache rather than retrieving each copy from the original web site. Once a bad copy gets in their cache, it can take 24 hours before the cache entry expires and the ISP once again tries to retrieve the file from my web site.

  • "Invalid line in setup information file!"
    This error message usually indicates your system's date/time format has been changed (via Control Panel's Date/Time applet). If you are not using the default date and time format, the installation program may not be able to decipher file dates found in the setup information file (setup.lst). To work around this problem, restore your original date and time format in Control Panel before running the installation program. Once the Power Tool program has been installed you can return your date and time format to your preferred settings.

  • Windows Installer Appears Every Time a Program Is Started.
    This is a known problem with the Microsoft Office installation program, and with some other packages that use the Microsoft Installer service.

    If someone has ever started to install one of these programs on your computer you may see this problem, especially if the installation wasn't completed (was cancelled, or didn't finish for any other reason). Usually, the problem can be fixed by completing the installation that restarts inappropriately. You can then uninstall that package if you desire.

    Microsoft has also posted several fixes on its support web site at;en-us;265194.

    Microsoft has also written a utility that may help with this problem. It can clean up information left behind by failed installations. You can read more about this program, and download a copy, at;en-us;290301.

    Note: Karen's Power Tools' installers do not user Microsoft's Installer Service. My programs are just innocent victims of this bug, present in the installer used by some other programs.

  • "An access violation occurred while copying the file"
    This is often caused by other programs running while trying to install a Power Tool. This prevents shared files from being updated. If you see this message, exit all running programs, the retry the Power Tool installation. Once the Power Tool has been installed, you may re-execute your other spplications.

  • Installer installs wrong program.
    This is usually caused by a file left behind by another program's installer. If the left-over file is read-only, the Power Tools installer cannot overwrite it with a copy of its own file during its "Copying Files" phase. Then, when the Power Tools installer tries to run its own programs, it actually runs the other software's leftovers. To fix this problem, remove any files named Setup.lst and Setup1.exe found in your \Windows, \Windows\System, and tempory directory (often \Windows\Temp). Then re-run the Power Tools installer.

Other problems

  • Download and install the appropriate Visual Basic runtime before installing any Power Tool. Needs to be updated -- modern Windows should come with VB runtime already installed. Karen wrote these tips on her Microsoft Vista machine.
  • Downloaded the latest version of the Power Tool installation file. To download a Power Tool, return to Karen's Home Page.
  • Drop Joe a note describing the problem you're having. Include any error messages that are displayed.
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